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Igor is often criticized by historians for his short-sighted decisions that ultimately led to his premature demise. Regardless of how one judges his life, Igor was one of the first Russian princes and a founder of the ancient Russian state.

To answer the question of what Prince Igor Rurikovich did for Rus’ we can briefly list his main achievements during his reign:

Prince Igor. Fig. V.P. Vereshchagina from the series "State Rulers of Russia".
Prince Igor. Fig. V.P. Vereshchagin from the series “State Rulers of Russia”.
(Inscription: “Prince Igor, after an unsuccessful campaign against Byzantium, confirmed Oleg’s agreement with the Greeks with an oath before Perun, but with some restrictions on the rights of the Russians. In this agreement, the expression *Russian Land* was used for the first time.
Killed by outraged Drevlians”)

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