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Prince Oleg. Engraving by an unknown artist
Prince Oleg. Engraving by an unknown artist
Prince Oleg the Prohpet – was a legendary Varangian prince who, upon the death of Prince Rurik was appointed regent to his underage son Igor. He served as the leader of the Rurikid dynasty until 912.

During his reign, he gradually expanded the Rurikids’ influence to the South. In 882, he captured Kiev and moved the capital there, thus uniting the two main centers of Eastern Slavs. Oleg then began building cities on the newly annexed territories and subjugating nearby tribes, including he Drevlyans in 883, the Severians in 884 and the Radimichs in 885.

In 903, according to the Primary Chronicle, Oleg arranged a marriage between his ward, Igor Rurikovich, and Olga.

In 907, Oleg led a campaign against Constantinople, and forced the Greeks to pay tribute and provide significant benefits to Russes merchants. he treaty was confirmed by Oleg’s envoys, who were sent to Constantinople in 911.

Different sources mention different dates for Oleg’s death, including 912, 922, and 944. The most common version from the chronicles states that the prince died from a snakebite that emerged from his horse’s skull.

This is a brief biography of Prince Oleg the Prophet. If you are interested in learning more about his life, we have prepared a full version of the history of his activities, illustrated with a large number of portraits and thematic images (reading time 20-40 minutes):

Detailed biography

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