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Russian-Byzantine treaty of 907. Radziwill chronicle (early 13th century), page 40
Russian-Byzantine treaty of 907. Radziwill chronicle (early 13th century), page 40
The Russo-Byzantine treaty of 907 AD — is the first preserved peace treaty between Rus’ and Byzantium, concluded as a result of Prince Oleg’s successful campaign on Constantinople-Tsarigrad in 907. It is considered preparatory to the treaty of 911.

The text of the treaty, preserved in the Kiev chronicles, lists the individuals who signed on behalf of the Russian side. Many of them had Scandinavian names such as Karli, Ingelot, Farlov, Vermud, Rulav, Gudi, Ruald, Karn, Frelav, Ruar, Aktievu, Truan, Lid, and Ulfost. In the text, the Old Russian state was represented as Gardariki and denoted by the major cities: Kiev, Chernigov, Pereyaslav, Polotsk, Rostov, and Lyubech.

The text of the treaty is given by the Tale of Bygone Years as follows:

«When the Russians come, let them take as much support for their envoys as they want; and if merchants come, let them take monthly supplies for 6 months: bread, wine, meat, fish, and fruit. And let them arrange a bath for them – as much as they want. And when the Russians leave for home, let them take from the king food, anchors, ropes, sails, and whatever they need».

«If the Russians come not for trade, then let them not take monthly supplies; let the Russian prince prohibit his people who come here from committing lawlessness in our villages and in our country. Let the Russians who come here live at the Church of St. Mamont, and let from our kingdom send to them and record their names, and then they will take what is due to them – first those who came from Kiev, then from Chernigov, and from Pereyaslavl, and from other cities. And let them enter the city only through one gate, accompanied by the royal man, unarmed, in groups of 50, and trade as much as they need without paying any taxes».[1]Tale of Bygone Years

A few years later, Prince Oleg the Wise sent envoys to Byzantium to confirm the previously concluded peace, and as a result, the treaty of 911 was signed.

Сluster “Oleg the Prophet”

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  1. Tale of Bygone Years
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