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Yaroslav Vladimirovich (nicknamed Wise) – one of the sons of Grand Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich (the Baptist) from the Polotsk princess Rogneda Rogvoldovna, who was forcibly taken by him as his wife. After the death of Vladimir in 1015, an internecine war began between his sons from different wives for the right to the throne of Kyiv. As a result of several years of confrontation, in 1019 Yaroslav the Wise prevailed and occupied Kyiv. Then the prince had to keep power in conflicts with his nephew Bryachislav of Polotsk and brother Mstislav Tmutarakansky. In 1026 the situation stabilized – Mstislav and Yaroslav actually became co-rulers, while Bryachislav retained his independence.
Yaroslav the Wise (artist A. O. Orlenov)
Yaroslav the Wise (artist A. O. Orlenov)

During the further reign, Yaroslav was able to once again impose tribute on the tribes of Chud, Em, Yatvyags and Lithuania, strengthened the northwestern borders of Kievan Rus, returned the Cherven cities, repelled the Pechenegs raid on Kyiv in 1036, and also entered into a few of dynastic marriages with the ruling dynasties of European states.

Only one large-scale event ended in serious failure – the campaign against Constantinople in 1043.

In the domestic policy of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, it is worth highlighting several key points: the publication of the first code of laws that has survived to this day – Russian Truth, the church charter (compiled jointly with Metropolitan Hilarion), the development of education, the construction of new cities and temples.

Before his death at the age of 76, Yaroslav the Wise divided power between his sons – Izyaslav, Svyatoslav and Vsevolod. The period of the brothers’ peaceful rule is called by historians the “Triumvirate of the Yaroslavichs”, it existed for 19 years, after which it fell apart and the princes began civil strife again.

This is a short version of the biography of Prince Yaroslav the Wise. If you are interested in studying the life of the prince in more detail, we have prepared a complete version of the history of his activities, illustrated with a large number of portraits and thematic images (reading time 60-70 minutes):

Detailed biography

Section “Yaroslav the Wise”

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