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Vladimir Yaroslavich – the eldest of the children of Yaroslav the Wise and the Swedish princess Ingigerda, was born in 1020. He was appointed to the reign of Novgorod by his father in 1030 or 1034. He took an active part in his father’s military campaigns.

Vladimir built the St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod, consecrated on September 14, 1052 by Bishop Luke. Also, on his orders, a stone fortress was built in Novgorod. He died at the age of 32 on October 4, 1052, leaving his son Rostislav, Prince of Tmutarakan. He was buried in St. Sophia Cathedral.[1]wikipedia

Holy Blessed Prince Vladimir Yaroslavich
Holy Blessed Prince Vladimir Yaroslavich

Military campaigns

Campaign against the tribes of Yem (Yam)

In 1042, Vladimir Yaroslavich, presumably together with his father, made a successful campaign against the Yem tribes that inhabited the territory of modern Southern Finland. Chronicles describe this campaign very sparingly.

It is known that the Kyiv troops defeated the enemy, captured prisoners and valuable booty, but on the way back there was a big loss of horses.

Map of the campaign against the Yam (Em) tribes in 1042
Map of the campaign against the Yam (Em) tribes in 1042

In the year 6550 (1042). Vladimir, the son of Yaroslav, went to Yam and defeated them. And the horses of the Vladimir warriors died, and if the horse was still breathing, they skinned it: there were many deaths among the horses. – The Tale of Bygone Years[2]wikipedia

Campaign to Constantinople

In 1043, Vladimir Yaroslavich led a campaign against Byzantium, the goal of which was its capital, Constantinople. He was accompanied by Voivodes Vyshata and Ivan Tvorimirich.

The campaign ended in complete failure. The abundant use of Greek fire, as well as the storm that broke out during the battle, gave the Byzantines a decisive advantage. The storm swept the Old Rus fleet in different directions, many ships perished, including the boat of Vladimir Yaroslavich, but the prince escaped by switching to another ship.

Vyshata volunteered to lead the Old Rus soldiers thrown ashore, but near Varna their group was overtaken by the Byzantine strategist Katakalon Kekavmen, as a result of which most of them were killed and the rest were captured.

Map of Vladimir Yaroslavich's campaign to Constantinople in 1043
Map of Vladimir Yaroslavich’s campaign to Constantinople in 1043

Vladimir Yaroslavich was forced to retreat. The emperor of Byzantium sent 24 dromons in pursuit of the Kievan prince. In one of the bays, Vladimir attacked his pursuers and defeated them (possibly during the coastal parking), after which he safely returned to Kyiv.

Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod

According to various versions, in 1045 or 1046, Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise and Princess Ingigerda went to Novgorod from Kyiv. They wanted to visit their son Vladimir and to lay the foundation stone for the St. Sophia Cathedral. Prince Vladimir Yaroslavich began the construction in Detinets, to the north of the 13-domed wooden church “made of oak with 13 tops” that had burned down before. After the construction was completed in 1052, the cathedral was consecrated by Bishop Luka Zhidyata.
Софийский собор в Новгороде
Софийский собор в Новгороде

After the consecration, Vladimir Yaroslavich lived for less than a month and was buried in the newly built cathedral.

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