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In 1021, Yaroslav’s nephew, Prince Bryachislav Izyaslavich of Polotsk, launched a sudden attack on Novgorod. Like all Polotsk princes, Bryachislav Izyaslavich did not recognize Kiev’s authority.

According to official history, Yaroslav caught up with his nephew on the Sudoma River, won a victory over him, and took away the looted booty. The following year, he forced Bryachislav to make peace, handing over control of two cities, Usvyat and Vitebsk.

However, a completely different picture is described in the “Saga of Eymund” – the armies met, but the battle never took place. Mercenary Normans from Bryachislav’s detachment infiltrated the enemy’s camp and managed to abduct the wife of the Kiev prince, Ingegerd, while she was traveling with guards along a forest road. Upon learning of this, Yaroslav was forced to enter into negotiations and agree to Bryachislav’s terms, despite having the upper hand in strength.

Bryachislav Izyaslavich, Prince of Polotsk (art. A. Kryvenka)
Bryachislav Izyaslavich, Prince of Polotsk (art. A. Kryvenka)

Battle on the Sudoma River. Radziwill Chronicle
Battle on the Sudoma River. Radziwill Chronicle

The Polotsk prince released the Novgorod prisoners, returned Ingegerd, and in exchange, secured peace, retaining all his possessions and additionally receiving two important cities that stood on the trade route – Vitebsk and Usvyat. The outcome of this confrontation was not in Yaroslav’s favor.

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