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Svyatopolk the Accursed and the Polish king Boleslav I capture Kyiv

Boleslav I helps Svyatopolk (who is married to his daughter) in the struggle for Kyiv – he is attracted by the Cherven cities, which are key points on trade routes. Yaroslav the Wise is defeated, many captives (including Ya. M.’s sister) and booty are taken to Poland. Svyatopolk rules in Kyiv.

Campaign to the Chud (Ests)

Yaroslav the Wise seeks to strengthen the borders and expand the influence of Kievan Rus in a northwestern direction. The tribes were laid to tribute, the city of Yuryev (modern Tartu) was founded as a local stronghold

Polish campaigns

It was necessary to return the Cherven cities captured by Boleslav I – the situation in Poland favored this activities, there the descendants of Boleslav fought for the throne In 1030, Yaroslav’s troops captured the city of Belz.

In 1031, Yaroslav and Mstislav gathered a large army and invaded Poland under the pretext of helping to conquer the Polish throne for Prince Bezprym, who turned to them. The cities of Przemysl and Cherven were returned, many Poles were captured.


The defeat of the Pechenegs during the siege of Kyiv

After 15 years of truce, the Pechenegs invaded Kievan Rus and besieged Kyiv during the absence of Yaroslav the Wise – he went to Novgorod Upon learning about the siege, Yaroslav, together with the Novgorodians and hired Vikings, returned to Kyiv, broke into the city, and then, together with its defenders, inflicted a crushing defeat on the Pechenegs. After that battle these tribes ceased to play a key role in the nearby steppes and became dependent on stronger nomads.

Campaigns in Mazovia and allied tribes

According to the alliance concluded with the Polish king Casimir I, Yaroslav undertook to help him return to Poland the territory that had separated during the peasant unrest. Yaroslav wanted to prevent appearance of another independent state on the northwestern borders of Kievan Rus. Winter 1038/39 — Campaign on the Yotvingians
1040 — Campaign to Lithuania
1041 — Campaign by boats to Mazovia
1044 — Campaign to Lithuania
1047 — The campaign against the Mazovshan tribes – the murder of the Mazov prince Moislav and the conquest of Mazovia for King Casimir I – the end of the allied treaty with Poland.

Campaign against the tribes of Yam (Em) – Vladimir Yaroslavich

The expansion of the influence of Kievan Rus in the north successful, captives captured, imposed a tribute

Campaign to Constantinople – Vladimir Yaroslavich

Presumably, the nominal reason for the campaign was the murder of a noble Russian merchant in Constantinople. The campaign ended in failure – the Greek fire of the Byzantine ships and the sudden onset of a storm forced the Russian fleet to retreat. About 6000 soldiers were thrown ashore, after which they were mostly destroyed by the Byzantine army, and the captives were blinded.
Foreign Policy of Prince Yaroslav the Wise - map
Foreign Policy of Prince Yaroslav the Wise – map
Map of Vladimir Yaroslavich's campaign to Constantinople in 1043
Map of Vladimir Yaroslavich’s campaign to Constantinople in 1043
Map - the direction of Yaroslav's campaign against the Estonians
Map – the direction of Yaroslav’s campaign against the Estonians
Map of the campaign against the Yam (Em) tribes in 1042
Map of the campaign against the Yam (Em) tribes in 1042

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