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Yaroslav the Wise’s campaign against Chud (Aesti) in 1030 – the military action of the Kyiv prince, which became the first significant foreign policy event after his final approval on the Kiev throne and reconciliation with his brother Mstislav the Brave.

Presumably, the reason for Yaroslav the Wise’s campaign against the Chud tribes could be the fact that the Estonians took the side of Kanut, the king of Denmark and England, whose opponent Olaf II of Norway received help from Yaroslav.

In addition, tribute from these lands was collected during the reign of Yaroslav’s father, Prince Vladimir, and the outbreak of civil strife between Vladimir’s sons allowed the tributaries to separate themselves again and stop paying.

Map - the direction of Yaroslav's campaign against the Estonians
Map – the direction of Yaroslav’s campaign against the Estonians

In the Baltic lands, presumably on the Amovzha River, the squad of Prince Yaroslav defeated the Chud army. At the site of the battle, not far from the western shore of Lake Peipus, Prince Yaroslav ordered the foundation of the city of Yuryev (in some sources, Gyurgev, since the baptized name of Yaroslav is George. Today Yuryev is the city of Tartu in Estonia). Chopped walls and towers were built on a hill, the slopes of which served as natural obstacles for the besiegers.

According to the Tale of Bygone Years: “In the same year, Yaroslav went to the Chud, and defeated them, and built the city of Yuryev”

“And he ordered there to bring tribute from all the land” — V.N. Tatishchev.

In 1061, after the death of Yaroslav, the city was burned down by local tribes (Ssols – representatives of the Estonian tribes of Sakalas or Saaremas).

Campaign results

  • The Chud tribes are defeated and are obliged to pay tribute to Kyiv again.
  • The city of Yuryev was founded as a fortified post.

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